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Direct Deposit

"Simple. Safe. Secure."

Choose Direct Deposit for Your Federal Government Payment

Ask us about Direct Deposit, or contact the agency that pays you.

Social Security: 800-772-1213
Veterans Affairs: 877-838-2778
Office of Personnel Management: 888-767-6738
Railroad Retirement Board: 800-808-0772

Ask for details today or call later and talk to Vicki at (218) 744-5465.

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Safe Deposit Boxes

Brief description:A safekeeping box requiring a bank key and the customer's key to gain access. Available in a variety of sizes.

Range of Rates / Costs:
Box Size*
Rental Rate
4 x 2 x 13
4 x 2 x 20
4 x 3 x 20
9 x 2 x 20
9 x 4 x 20

*Box sizes subject to availability. Possible waiting list.

Range of Terms:

  • Notices are sent out to remind customers when the yearly fee is due or their account has been debited the amount as per the signed agreement.
  • Signatures are verified before the box is entered. All individuals entering the box must sign the access slip.
  • Larger box sizes are often subject to a waiting list.


  • If both customer keys are lost, the drilling cost and lock replacement cost to access the box contents will vary.
  • If one key is lost, the bank will have a new one made and charge the customer a replacement fee.

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Overdraft Protection

Miners National Bank Ready Reserve

Your Reward for Good Credit!

Financial Convenience

Miners Ready Reserve means that we've approved, in advance, a personal, unsecured loan to balance your account if you should overdraw. It is designed to end checking account overdraft complications and charges and embarrassing delays.

Financial Freedom

Use your good credit to qualify for our plan, and your checking account will become a personal loan account. You may write your own loan any time you need extra money for pleasure or an emergency. It's the freedom of having a reserve fund at your command.

Any Questions?

We will be glad to talk with you about the ways to access your credit line, finance charges, pay schedules, and your personal credit loan limit.

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Wire Transfer Service
Domestic Wire Transfers  
Outgoing $25.00
Incoming $15.00
Foreign Wire Transfers $35.00

Please contact the bank to make wire transfer arrangements.

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Night Depository

Our Night Depository is located for your convenience in the walk-up lobby near the ATM machine. Please use the side entrance on Jones Street.

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Contact us for Safe Deposit Boxes, Wire Transfers, and Direct Deposit.


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